My Life as a Pixel Vol​.​2

by Odyssey Eurobeat

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Wolfrain64 Each song have an unique feeling, they're all amazing and creative. Favorite track: I Breathe Fire.
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soullessclover Fantastic album. Diverse, yet still connected by its artist. Odyssey is really talented, and I don't think he could do much I wouldn't enjoy. The unique style he has fits perfectly with Eurobeat - What an interesting genre! Fun to listen to. 11 solid songs. Everything it's made of... put all together.... it just works. I'm a huge fan.

Oh, and it doesn't show it on my fan collection for some reason, but I'm a proud owner of the physical copy for this album, too :) Favorite track: Venture.
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Goats More Eurobeat than you can handle, or maybe not. A great example of a genre I seldom hear.
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released December 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Odyssey Eurobeat Scotts Valley

Odyssey Music (also known as Odyssey Eurobeat) is the one-man production label run by Travis Stebbins, whose works have appeared in Super Eurobeat, Initial D, iOS games, Rolling Stone, and much more.

Odyssey Music is also one of very few Eurobeat production labels outside of Italy or Japan.
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Track Name: Odyssey - I Breathe Fire
(T. Stebbins)
I see fear in your defeated eyes,
but that isn't such a big surprise.
Now you're reaching the end of your life,
Did you spend it well before tonight?

You're not the only one to hate me,
but, what does it matter, anyway?
You'd think I'd be the last of all to say...

I am a miracle of confidence and tyranny!
Don't ever think I never knew you were betraying me!
And you can never run away, you've got to pay the price!
You have decided to let your screaming echo through the night!

You say "I'm seeing love in your eyes", but what I
see in yours are dollar signs.
You take love and you beat it around.
Now I'll walk away, that is your prize!
Track Name: Mortimer - Gas Love
(T. Stebbins)
There's a river on my forehead
It was there before we'd even start
Looks like I'm keeping it together
When I'm ready now to fall apart

You are my engine—
You've got me fired up again.
I won't surrender
'till I've crossed into the end!

GAS LOVE Revvin' me up, I'm too excited,
Fantasy that's far too pricey
I'm not giving you up 'till we're united
Holdin' through for every drop of you!

Every corner's like a Mountain,
Make an error and you're fallin' down!
But you know I can do it better
I wear this city like a crown
Track Name: Odyssey - India in the Sunrise
(T. Stebbins)
Come on baby, I'm hot like a desert
(Burning up for you!)
And I've been waiting here to give your answer:
(Tell me what to do!)

You aren't movin', ay-ay-ay!
Why can't you tell me why-y-y-?
Start the fire, I'm ready to go!
Movin' to the light

You gotta take it to the top, my flower!
And I don't ever want to stop this power!

Sting like a scorpion, move like a panther,
sensual delight
You're an oasis, like refreshing water;
Get me through the night!
Track Name: Odyssey - Metal Man
(T. Stebbins)
It's so terrible, running through the night
No more hiding giving up the fight
Here he is to make it all right,
he is the Metal Man

Steel and Iron, strong he is to save
One more hero hiding in the day
From the cradle into the grave,
he is the Metal Man

Superhero up in the sky
Beaming justice into our eyes
Here he is, the man to save us all:

You are the only one
You're saving our city with your super gun
Bad Guys hear your name and start to run
As your form flashes by the sun
you are a superstar
The citizens are loving you for all you are
Evil-fighting gonna take you far
But know you're our number-one

Someday if you ever need a hand
Just call on the strongest in the land
Remedy in highest demand
you are the Metal Man
Track Name: Travis Stebbins - Caffeinated World (ft. Cameron Miller & Kevin Belling)
(T. Stebbins)
(Verse 1)

G# D# Fmin D# (x2)

G# D# Fmin D#
I used to think about things like taxes 'n war
G# D# Fmin D#
I'm not connected but somehow I keep on paying for them
G# D# Fmin D#
I thought they needed us to stimulate economy
C# D#
If that's true they should give it back to me

C# G#
In this Caffeinated world of mine
D# Fmin
I wonder where the days go and the
C# G# D# Fmin
sands of time are slipping through my hands
C# G# D# Fmin
in this world of ours, I've got to break the silence
C# G# D#
of a lonely nine-to-five of stressing all our lives

(Verse 2)
These days I spend 'em like I'm spending from a loan
Plenty of offers but I'm good at losing on my own
When I get down I see the seagulls in the sky
Reminding me the ocean is close by

(Chorus Chords)

(Verse 3)
Another pop star on the tabloids and the screen
Selling the easy way if you understand what I mean
La-lala-lala-la is the usual refrain for a sellout, for a sellout
What happened to that soul you sing about?

(Chorus out) Last chord: G# (suspended? 7th?)
Track Name: Mortimer - Gone (ft. Rina)
(T. Stebbins)
I'm on the other end of your telephone
It's not my problem but I just can't leave it alone
I'm not intending on asking you to stay

But I can tell this guy is stringin' you 'long
I know I'm biased but that doesn't mean that I'm wrong
And I believe he plans to take you away

If I didn't love you I wouldn't let you go
But I will not see him take away your soul!

If you tell me "Go away" I'll be gone like a whisper
But will he stay forever by your side
Baby, don't blame me if he leaves you in embers
and gives you out like a product of his pride

Tell me that someday you'll look back on my warning
and hope to God that you can prove me wrong
I'll be back this way some day in the future
knowing I won't be the one to keep you strong

You've made your mind up and you're not looking back
I would persuade you, but oh, if I just had the nack!
Made the decision, you're leaving us behind