Chained Lady

by Odyssey & the DNA Team

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released February 25, 2011

Original song by Jun'ya "ZUN" Ota
Lyrics, Vocals, Production and Arrangement by T. Stebbins



all rights reserved


Odyssey Eurobeat Scotts Valley

Odyssey Music (also known as Odyssey Eurobeat) is the one-man production label run by Travis Stebbins, whose works have appeared in Super Eurobeat, Initial D, iOS games, Rolling Stone, and much more.

Odyssey Music is also one of very few Eurobeat production labels outside of Italy or Japan.
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Track Name: Chained Lady [Extended]
(Music by Jun'ya "ZUN" Ota, Lyrics by T. Stebbins)

You are an angel, as defined;
So charismatic and refined
Without a single flaw
You're not a threat at all
Or so I thought until the nightfall

A crimson haze along the sky
I see the bloodshed in your eye
A dark and bloody sight
Across a guilty night
Is this the master of the nightfall?

Your silhouette across the moon
signals all the world that you are the
reason we scream in the night
With every effort I have run clutching
ever for my gun but I turned and I'm staring you
in the eyes!!!

Chained lady of the night,
Have you come to end my life?
I have waited for this day, when all my
soul would be drained away
Chained lady, why is this
all my veins that you have missed
kissing me for all in sight
You've come to take me away tonight!

Into the soulless fog we go
where all the blood may fall like snow
Above a dying cloud, I hear you bellow loud
but I can tell your vigor's fading
And as the dawn tears through the sky
I feel a tear well in my eye
As from the sky you fall, I hear it in your call
You must return to lonely silence

Your silhouette along the sun
signals all the world has won one more
day to go on free of fear
With every effort I have run clutching
long across the sun to the mansion
to find you now I am here!

Chained lady of the night,
I have come to save your life
I have waited for this day, when all my
loving could show this way
Chained lady, I would give
all my blood for just one kiss
draining me for your delight
I've come to take you away tonight!